Sponsorship Tiers

Become a Sponsor

Title Sponsor

● $50,000

● Gives Naming rights to the Social Sandbox Ex “Meijer’s Downtown Muskegon

Social Sandbox”

● Shout outs and marketing for any and all public events held in that


● This is an annual sponsorship

Event Sponsor

● $10,000

● An opportunity to help put on specific events planned through the year

● Shout outs and marketing during the event sponsored

● Can be given to any events the donor wishes to participate in, companies

may have more than one.

Community Donor

● $5,000

● A plaque will be made advertising the generosity of this donor on the stage

We will also have QR Codes and opportunities for community businesses and

members to donate any amount to support the funding of this project.

A La Carte Sponsorship

We do not want to exclude anyone that feels the need to help with our program.

We are more than happy to customize a package.

● Restaurant discounts

● Social media shout outs

● Branded swag

● Branded cups

● Instagrammable backdrop

● VIP area

● Photo Booth

● Social media filters

● Radio Ad’s

● Access to the Social Sandbox for private party

● Signage

● Interview with Muskegon Channel