About Us

We are looking to create a space in the center of downtown Muskegon that can offer free, community entertainment throughout the year to help bring traffic and income to surrounding businesses utilizing our social district.
Last year Burl & Sprig with collaboration from the DMDC, The Chamber and the City of Muskegon, created the Social Sandbox: a fun space in the center of downtown offering a leisure space with entertainment for local residents and an epicenter for the surrounding businesses to draw attention from. They managed the space and hosted many events like Burl & Sprig Fest, an EDM festival, an Irish Festival, and LIVE entertainment almost every weekend. The new addition was a great asset to downtown for visitors and businesses alike. This year the Chamber decided to take over the role of managing and the level of entertainment and excitement dropped drastically without the funds, management or time to host large, engaging events. This is where our management company came in and was asked to help. Our company was created to manage vacant lots and entertainment at city owned properties, like the Social Sandbox, along with an account at the Muskegon Community Foundation to accept tax free funds on our behalf. We set in place a management agreement between the owners of the property, the Downtown Muskegon Development Corporation(DMDC)and The Social Sandbox, LLC for exclusive management rights giving us authority to put this idea forward.
With the help of businesses like yours we are looking to create spaces that downtown Muskegon has never seen before. We have plans to offer year-round, inclusive entertainment. Warmer months will offer the opportunity for concerts, festivals, community fun days, etc. In the winter we would like to host winter wonderland events, fire pit concerts and we even have plans to create an ice rink giving the community a reason to come downtown all year long. This would be a game changer for many businesses that see their numbers drop every fall putting them into a feast or famine state every year.
We are implementing a Round-Up Program with surrounding businesses that would ask their customers to round up their purchase totals to the next dollar to then be deposited into our earmarked account at the Muskegon Community Foundation that would be used to help host these events and manage the space. We hope to generate enough funds from this to help cover some costs however, we will still need to raise funds to accomplish our objective.
This is where we are calling on local leaders and businesses to step up and help to create this space offering a new, innovative solution for our community to grow.
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